Points to consider before buying washing machine

Points to consider before buying washing machine - GMC Digital

Things to look at while purchasing a washing machine: (choose the info to add in the creative as per the requirement)

  • Know the type of washing machine you want
  •  Top load VS Front load

    The basic difference is in the placement of the doors 

    Automatic VS Semi-automatic:

    The basic different is that the semi-automatic washing machine comes with two differentiated tubs and required manual shift of clothes 

    2..      Know your capacity requirement:

    Which capacity of washing machine to choose depends on the size of the family. For Instance, a 6kg capacity washing machine would suit a family of 2-3 members, 8kgs capacity for a family of 4-6 members and so on.


    -  3. Know about the Material of the washing tub

    Wash tubs are normally of stainless steel, toughened plastic or porcelain enamel. The most preferred type would be stainless steel as it is very durable and energy efficient.

    1. Ask about the wash programmes and features:

    Different companies and type of washing machines provide different features like the ball valve technology, air turbo system, spin timer and a lot more. Ask and know about the features it serves. 

    -   Brand Value: Choose from a wide range of washing machines offering great features at the most affordable prices only at Retail rush.


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